Entertainment Business and Divorce

Why are divorce rates so high in the entertainment business?

We all know that it’s not only celebrities that get divorces. Anyone from upper class to lower class could experience the end of a marriage. Why is it that when you hear of a celebrity couple getting married the first thing everyone says is “ i wonder how long that’s going to last.” the reason is because all we hear about in the news outlets are the latest celebrity breakup/ divorce news. Many things could cause a couple to split.

Let’s look into their specific reasons.

Busy schedules

Actors, models, singers, directors, even some writers and makeup artist travel a lot. They spend months away from home at times. If both people in the couple are in the entertainment business things can get really complicated with conflicting schedules.

Many celebrities in fact state that as their reasons for the split. One recent example is singer The Weekend and his now ex Gigi hadid.

Not to mention schedule conflicts can get even more complicated when there are children involved or if one of the people involved is not in the entertainment business and their significant other feels that they have no time to spend with them.


Temptation is high

Celebrities are constantly surrounded by people.

Whether it be beautiful actors, models, handlers. Spending countless days away from home and feeling lonely, temptation is a constant worry.

Networking is the biggest part of being in the entertainment industry, constantly making new contacts is what it’s all about. A couple could find themselves constantly second guessing the loyalty of their partner under these conditions.

Least not we need to mention the countless amount of fans that are throwing themselves at celebrities everyday.

Pressures from the public

When in the entertainment industry your life is put on blast for literally everyone to judge. Even so called fans could turn on you just because they see that you’ve started dating someone.

For example with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, when they started dating Justin’s fans flooded selena’s social media accounts with death threats and nasty comments.

Some even went as far as to yell mean things at her when she went out in public. People could even judge you for dating too many people, as was the case with Taylor Swift. So much so that she felt inspired to write a song about the public’s expectations and views of her (shake it off)

Celebrities are people too

No matter the reason for a celebrity divorce or split it’s bound to be in the media and fully covered. That raises the question, is it really any of our business?

Maybe the reason why society thinks that divorce rates are so high in the entertainment industry is because of the attention that we give it. Without the pressures of the public maybe these relationships would have never ended in a divorce in Miami court.

Suppose it’s time to start letting our beloved celebrities live their lives without having to live up to our expectations of them.